Review: Baofeng BF888S

BF888S My first review is about my Baofeng BF888S. I have two of them. After using these HTs for a few weeks, the first one wouldn’t enable any more. I was afraid the radio was broken, but I changed the battery and then it worked again, so the battery was broken. I measured it with my multimeter and I concluded the two connectors that connect the battery to the radio didn’t gave any power (yes, it was fully charged). I bought them in August 2014 with two headsets and a programming cable. Right now the other battery is still working. A few months ago, the rubberducky antenna came off and on 21st of March I’ve bought a D-Original SRH701S.


The battery is a 3.7V Lithium-ion battery. It’s capacity is 1500mAh. The battery lasts long enough for me, as a teenager who attends school. When I charge the battery on Sunday I have to charge it again on Thursday or so. I use the radio every day almost 40 minutes on the bike (even in cold) and at school I use it every day also around 20 to 40 minutes (it depends on what day it is and how many free hours I have).

Build quality

I think the radio is build quite well. I don’t have any other HT’s or other professional/’expensive’ brands, so I can’t compare. The radio has fallen two or three times from about 1-1.5meters/3.3-5feet and I (accidentally) scraped it along some walls. The falls haven’t left any (visible) damage, but there are some scratches of walls. The belt clip is strong. It won’t come off your belt quickly, or would it? The belt clip itself won’t, but my radio would. The screws are always a bit loose, so every week or so I have to tighten the screws from the belt clip. The radio is weather resistant – I have to cycle every day to my school and back to home and most of the time I carry the radio in the breast pocket of my jacket, so the radio is exposed to the weather. Sometimes it rains when I’m cycling and the radio get’s wet. It happened something like 20 times, but the radio isn’t broken (yet). It has a little LED flashlight on the top, which is controlled by the orange button on the bottom at the left side of the radio.

Sound quality

I find the sound quality good. It has a high volume too. Sometimes the lowest volume is still a bit too high, but that doesn’t really matter I think.


I think this radio is worth the money. It’s only $20 so if it will brake, you haven’t lost a lot of money. It has a 2.5 and 3.5mm headphone jack (similar to some Kenwoods). It’s a decent radio and has 16 channels. If you’re a HAM on a budget or a beginner, this radio is right for you when you only want to transmit on UHF. I recommend buying a Baofeng (UV-5R) programming cable with it, because it’s very handy. I hope to measure the output power of my BF888, so I can report about the power setting on my device. I do not have a power meter yet, but I hope to get one. Thank you for reading this ‘review’.


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