Review: Telecom AV-825NF (PSU)

AV-825NF (PSU)

Here you can read about my experiences using the Telecom AV-825NF…

As you might know, I use the Telecom AV-825NF. At the moment I use it almost 1.5 months. Here you can read my experiences.


On the front panel there are two meters: one for the voltage and one for the current. There are two turning knobs. The one below for the voltage and the upper one for the frequency of the noise filter.

At the back there is a power switch, a connector for the power cord and two 4mm banana connectors.


The PSU has at the top a built-in fan. The fan only spins when the internal temperature reaches a specific value. The speed varies on the basis of the temperature.

I found out that the fan spins at top speed if you hold an HT with the antenna above the PSU and transmit on 70CM. I don’t know whether it’s also on 2M because I don’t have an HT for 2M yet.

Where to get (in the Nederlands)?

I bought mine at Handelsonderneming Veenstra for €59. I picked it up at the Radio Flea Market in Rosmalen.


Output voltage: 4-16V/DC

Output current (continuous/peak): 22/25Amps

Frequency range noise filter: 19-32 KHz

Meters: Yes; voltage & current

Measurements (LxWxH): 20x15x6 cm (7.9×5.9×2.4 Inch)


All in all it’s a nice PSU for beginners or for HAMs on a budget. A new one with a noise filter costs around €60 and a new one without a noise filter costs around €55.

After a while using it, there might be a high beep. This disappears when you change the frequency of the noise filter.

Mine was enabled for more than 13 hours in 1.5 months and it is still working.

Thanks for reading this review.


One thought on “Review: Telecom AV-825NF (PSU)

  1. Hello,
    Mijn AV-825NF is na 3 maanden QRT gegaan. In garantie kreeg ik een nieuwe. Ook deze is na iets meer dan 1 jaar stuk gegaan. Heb deze laten herstellen. Na 5 maanden is deze weer QRT gegaan.
    Dan ben ik overgeschakeld op een AV-825BC. Deze gebruik ik nu 3 jaar en werkt nog steeds. Alleen is het spijtig dat de FAN zo veel geluid maakt.
    73 de ON6AT Patrick


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