Shack update 2 @9-2-2016

A week ago I posted the last update about the progress of my shack. Here you can read a new update.

Last saturday my dad and I made a cable passthrough by using a flag pole mount. I saw that idea on a forum and I found it really handy for the coaxial and grounding cables.

We also mounted the endfed horizontally on the garden wall. Jaap PA7DA came for tuning, but, unsurprisingly though, the SWR was on the resonance frequency way too high. It seems 2 meters above the ground is too low for an HF antenna.

I have to come up with an other idea in time or else I can’t joy the PACC contest on the 13th and 14th of February.

I think I have a solution, but I have to do some calculations and preparations and I hope I finish in time.

Thanks for reading this update!

73 de PD8DA


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