Update 16-5-2016

Hello everyone!

First of all I want to apologize for the radio silence.

I’ve updated the shack and I joined some contests, such as the PACC contest.

The antenne I used during the PACC was an endfed for 10/20/40m, but without a trap (?!), sloping from a garden wall to my dormer, using the internal tuner of the FT450D (tuned up to 3:1), it worked quite well.

I made a contact with PJ4DX, Steve on Bonaire. My farthest contact so far 🙂 , 7766 kilometers (4825.7 miles) away.

After the contest my father and I put up a 12 meter Spiderbeam fiberglass pole, with the same endfed mounted to it, but I now use a trap for 40 meters, which also works well.

My HF shack is located into a wooden garden house (almost like a real shack :p ), it’s external measurements are 1.80×2.40 meters (5.9×7.9 feet) made by LuGarde, it’s built extremely well, I found no traces of rain or water in it, which is a good sign. The walls are about 18 mm (about 0.7 inches) in diameter, in the winter a bit cold, but I have a 2000 Watt electric heater in it.

That’s it for now, I think. Thanks for reading this post and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below or leave a comment if you have one, hi.




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