On this page you can find my equipment.


Yaesu FT-450D

Yaesu FT-7900

Baofeng UV-82

Baofeng BF888S

Power supply:

Telecom AV825NF – 4-16V, Noise-filter (variable frequency between 19KHz and 32KHz), 22Amp-25Amp peak.

Antennas and masts:

Diamond X50

Half wave end fed antenna for 10/20/40 meters

D-Original SRH701S SMA-female antenna 22cm

Baofeng UV-82 rubberducky stock antenna (SMA-female)

2 Baofeng BF888 rubberducky stock antennas (SMA-female)

Diamond MR77SMA

Innox IVA01 Light tripod – 3 meters high, weighs 4-5 kilograms.

12 meter Spiderbeam fiberglass telescopic pole


8 meters of Ultraflex 7 with on both sides N male connectors.

10 meters of H155, on both sides UHF male connectors.


Terratec Cinergy TStick SDR receiver Rev.3

Microphones and mic accessories:

Behringer XM8500 (used in shack on HF)

Innox IVA08 XLR (used in combination with XM8500)

Fazley SP-3 (also used in combination with XM8500)

K6VHF FT897/857/817 mic/ptt interface



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