SSTV with Baofeng BF888S

Today I’m with my parents and my brothers at my family’s in Zeeland.

I experimented with SSTV with my Baofeng BF888S, my Yaesu FT7900 and my Android phone.

First I downloaded the Android application ‘SSTV Encoder’ for encoding images and photos to send it as audio to my Baofeng.

I used a 3.5mm Male-3.5mm Male cable for connecting my Android phone to my baofeng.

At the base, my Yaesu FT7900 was connected to my laptop which was running MMSSTV. They were connected with a 3.5mm Male-3.5mm Male cable. I connected the one end of the cable to the speaker output of the Yaesu and the other end of the cable to the microphone input of the laptop.

At first I took a picture with the camera on the phone. Then I edited the picture with Android Gallery and wrote my call sign on it. Then I sent it by SSTV Encoder to my Baofeng. After a few pictures I found it a bit uncomfortable to write my call on every photo so I installed a photo editing application and I used it to take a photograph, type my call on it and share it with SSTV Encoder.

The Yaesu was equipped with a Diamond MR-77S(MA). I placed the antenna indoors and I walked to my uncle and aunt’s. They live about 730 meters/0,45 miles away and there are only a few houses between the house of my family and the house of my uncle and aunt.

With only 2 Watts on UHF (435,95MHz), a 2.15dBi gain antenna on the TX side and a few trees and houses between, the image quality was almost like I was standing next to the receiving antenna.